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World Leaders – Slot from Arrow’s Edge in 2017

Ever wanted to meet up with world leaders? Well here is your perfect opportunity to do so in 2017. Through playing Arrow Edge’s online video slot called World Leaders. In this game, the most important people in the world will be lining up to meet with you. As they are lining up to meet up with you, you can win cash prizes.



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One important question to ask yourself about this online video slot will you be able to become a leader? This article will explain everything you need to know about this slot.


The Characters in World Leaders- Yes politics does seem like an odd choice for a slot, but however this is a slot that has a lot of fun characters. All of these characters are appealing. As you are playing this slot, you will immediately recognize some of the faces.


If you look closely at the cartoons, the Queen will be difficult to miss, and Angela Merkel and Vladimir Putin are pretty difficult to miss as well. You should try and see how many of the figures you will be able to spot out.


The graphics in this game are top quality and all of the characters are drawn in detail that is immaculate. Everything from the small wrinkles to the face to the hairs to the hair on their head is shown very nice.


Also, there are a few additional symbols in addition to the rulers having gold coins, a newspaper, and different national symbols as well.


The setting of this slot is perfect for any leader to have a conference at and plus the green floored stage is lit up by a strip of the bright spotlights. Another question to ask yourself about this slot game is will you be the one on stage.


The International Treasure- Before going up to the podium, you should take a look at the paytable. The paytable will allow you to see the prizes that can be offered to you for a winning combination.


You can have access to the paytable through using the question mark button that is located on the bottom left of the screen. This is important to check out because through checking out the paytable, you will find out about how much you can win.


In order to win prizes in this slot, you have to land at least two or three matching symbols on activated payline. Higher value symbols like the queen, only require two matching symbols for a prize, but the lower ones like the coins require two matching ones.


The Different Ways to Win- World Leaders has 18 fixed paylines and they are set across five reels. You can change the value of the coin from the minimum bet of 0.36 all the way up to the maximum which is 252.00. This is perfect for both high and low betters.


You will be able to have some help from other symbols such as the wilds. After every 25 spins, a globe makes an appearance in the center of the board and you have the ability to stop it whenever you want to. The symbol that it lands on becomes the new wild. These wilds include the choice of the U.S. (the gold eagle), the UK (the crown), and Russia (the bear). Each of these wilds have their own features and have a lot of benefits.


Some of the features the wilds have vertical and horizontal expansion on the reels, duplications, free re-spins, and picking the best position you possibly can. Depending on which wild gets activated, different features will be available to you.


All of the wilds can replace other symbols except for the scatter, and they can help form winning lines.


There is a special bonus round that can be unlocked if you spin at least three scatter symbols. Find Your Ally is the name of the bonus game. In this bonus game, you have to choose which telephone to call. There are 12 phones you have to pick from, and they connect to one of the four leaders that all have a prize concealed. The prize money is hidden under each of the leaders. The prize you get will depend on the amount of scatters you receive in order to get the bonus started up.


Your payout increases, each time you connect to a leader. However, make sure that you do not reach out to one too many times. The reason is because when you reach the same leader three times, the bonus will come to an end and you will be back in the main game.


Super Slots, Mystery, and Cash Grab are the three progressive jackpots. The payout for these jackpots goes from 2,000 and all the way up to 45,000. Super Slots offers the highest prize.


Final Thoughts about the Slot- This is an online slot that has an original theme. It has a lot of fun features and has progressive jackpots. World Leaders has a little bit of something for everyone.

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