Below we list safe, reputable and legal betting sites for 2018. In 2017, the Australian government outlawed casino sites that haven’t obtained local licenses. Despite casino operators aiming to obtain local authorization, the process has been slow and therefore mainstream betting platforms are the only legally authorized forms of gambling offering real money options in 2018.

Working Class Family in Australia Wins $40 Million Lottery Jackpot

The Steve’s family had a large history of financial struggles, but not anymore thanks to the $40 million jackpot they won in Australia. This family had been working 15 hours a day for seven days out of the week years prior to them winning this jackpot.



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Steve who is the family father has stated that the family continue to live an ordinary life despite winning a large amount of money. The family is from Harvey, which is south of Perth.


According to an article from Gaming Zion, Steve said he was crying, shaking, and bawling his eyes out all the way home when he found won the $40 million jackpot.


He also then added, “We are going to keep working for now, but we are looking forward to a few extras like taking our caravan on a holiday, upgrading from budget airlines to business class, and ordering room service when we stay at a hotel”, according to the site.


Gambling Advertisements Will Not Be Allowed on NBA Jerseys
The National Basket Association announced that they will not be accepting gambling advertisements on jerseys. This is a surprise for many because has allowed gambling ads to appear at stadiums and also during their broadcasts.


Starting next season, the NBA will be selling jersey sponsorships. The advertisements will be sitting on the front left area of the jerseys. Its measurements will be one half by two and a half inches.


Gambling advertisements will not be the only ones not allowed. Alcohol, politics, and Nike competitors will also not be allowed on the jerseys. Just like with gambling, there has been alcohol advertisements shown at stadiums during NBA games.
Tinian Casino Gains Interests From New Investors

It has become largely possible for the closed Tinian Dynasty Hotel and Casino to get a new owner. There are at least five groups that are interested in taking over the property, according to reports.


Tinian Dynasty Hotel and Casino was temporarily closed because of lack of visitors and because of the lasting effects Typhoon Souledor. Its parent form Hong Kong Entertainment did not make the deadline that was projected. This led to Tinian Mayor Joey Patrick San Nicolas to want to travel to China in order to search for new investors.


Chinese Strategic, Mega Stars, Bridge Investment Group, and Alter City have all been consultants. San Nicolas has announced that there is at least one investor with a lot of interest in working with the Tinian Casino Gaming Control Commission in order to meet what is needed to take ownership of the property.


In a press release San Nicolas stated, “Since my meeting in Hong Kong, the investor has visited Tinian and has begun discussions with the Tinian Casino Gaming Control Commission to begin their application process and it is my understanding that the investigation of the applicant will begin shortly”, according to a recent article from Casino Directory.


ESports Market in Australia Bigger Than The Music Industry

The eSports market has been growing at a very fast pace in the entire world. In Australia, its market is one of the fastest growing. A booming more than 67 million people in Australia, plays a video game every month. Also, over 16 billion minutes of streams have been acknowledged on the eSports gaming platforms.


Australia has a lot of amateur gaming players. Even though they have a lot of amateur gaming players, there are a lot who are becoming pro. The ones who are becoming pro are attracting sponsorships from the biggest brands in the world. Brands are realizing the strong potential of eSports. International gaming tournaments are growing rapidly. They have been having a lot of success at attracting a large fan base. Over forty percent of the fans have said they have not played any of the games but are interested in learning more about them and the industry.


Defence of the Ancients, League of Legends, Counter Strike, and Starcraft and Hearthstone are some of the most current popular video games. A lot of professional poker players have shown a lot of interest in playing Hearthstone. Hall of famer Daniel Negreanu is one of the poker players that have shown interest.

Chris Smith decided to create an Australian eSports community because of its fast growing pace. In a statement he made according to World Casino Directory, he stated, “We are talking about money and we’re talking about finances, we’re talking about people who are often between those ages of 16 to 19 traveling overseas winning lots of money and the same time trying to juggle school, juggle study”.


A 19 year old male named Aaron “ChuChuz” bland was one of the stars of the tournament. He spent a lot of his childhood playing video games because that was his passion. Bland would spend over 5 hours a day practicing. During his childhood he attended eSports events. His mother is in strong support of his career and is very proud of what he has accomplished.

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