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Super Star 27 Slot – Simple Slot Game for Money

If you are interested in playing a slot game is simple and straightforward, then you should play eGaming’s Super Star 27 slot. Not only is Super Star 27 simple and straightforward, but it also a classic slot. The design of the slot is similar to a casino dice game. You should definitely give this slot a try due to the rules being simple, and the settings being intuitive. As you are going through your gaming session for this slot, you can see what prizes you can after going through a few spins.


Find out key information about Super Star 27 through reading this article. There will be information revealed about it that you will not want to miss out on!


The Settings in Super Star 27- This is a classy slot game. However, there are modern graphics that many slot players will appreciate. Not only are the graphics modern, but they are high quality.


The reels in this slot take up most of the game screen. These reels hover on top of a background that is yellow, black, and brown. The command buttons are stacked below the reels, and they are kept to a minimum.


eGaming did a good job at making this slot have a casino type of feel to it. Overall, this slot makes a good first impression, even though it does have a lack of features. However, if you just pay attention the game alone then you will see why it is entertaining.


Placing Your Bet- The rules in this slot are pretty basic. Everything is explained well in the command bar which is located below the reels.


There are three reels and 25 paylines in this slot. The lines that go across the screen are an indication of what position combinations of matching symbols can turn into prizes.


The bet button is there to help you pick a wager for your next turn. Once you are satisfied with your settings, you can spin the reels.


The cash rewards offered in this slot depend on your current bet level, and on the symbol combinations. Basically the larger your bet is, the larger your potential prize will be. You do have the option to click on the bet max button to go all in, and put down a huge bet for the next turn. Yes this move is very risky, but this is the route to take to go for the jackpot and not anything less. There is also, the usual auto spin game mode. Once that mode is activated, the reels will spin automatically for a certain time frame. You can choose how many times the reels spin in the mode. Through this mode, you can just sit back and cross your fingers without having to hit the spin button.


The Dice and More- A handful of symbols are featured in the symbol menu. All of the basic symbol winning combinations consist of landing 3 of the same icons on a payline.


The 6 faces of the dice take up most of the common symbols in the symbol. All of the faces come in different colors and can be worth all the way from 2 to all the way up 10 times your line bet.


Next up are the special 7 dice, the red Chine dice, and the golden dice. The golden dice is worth 30x your current wager. In order to land a really big prize, you have to land a lot of combinations in a row. However, there are some special features you might be able to rely on which will be discussed in the next section.


The Special Symbols- The wild red dice can replace any symbol on the reels. It can help form new winning combinations. If you land three wilds on active payline, you will receive an additional x30 payout.


The mystery symbol of the slot is the star dice. Landing three of them will give you a mystery prize that will be calculated based on your current wager. Betting as many credits as you possibly can is very crucial at this point of the game. Make sure you think carefully about how much you are willing to risk.


Thoughts about the Super Star 27 Slot- Even though Super Star 27 is a simple slot game, it can still be addictive. The graphics in this slot are very good, and there are some nice prizes offered that pop up.


There is not really a background story to this slot, and there are not many real big wins offered. If you are looking to get an authentic casino feel experience, then this slot is perfect for you. You can play this slot at your home, and still feel as if you are playing at a land-based casino.

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