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Gambling In The Student-Athlete World

Even there are age restrictions in gambling in most of the jurisdictions, it is a very common activity for many college students. The gambling industry is one of the biggest industries in the world. It is also one of the fastest growing industries across the entire world.

Most people gamble legally and responsibly. However, there a few who do gamble illegally and not responsibly. Gambling is something that can be easily addicting for many people. When it is addicting, a lot of times it has a bad effect on both your mental and physical health. It can also have a bad effect on a person academically if they are in school. Having a gambling addiction can have a major impact on how an athlete plays.


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College-student athletes have similar gambling experiences to other youth gamblers. A study that was performed in 2012, showed that 57 percent of male student-athletes and 39 percent female-student athletes were involved in some type of gambling activity back in the year prior. The student-athletes who were at a division 1 had the lowest participation of gambling. Those results were 50 percent for the male athletes and 30 percent for female ones.

Even though pathological gambling is something that is a problem for a few student athletes that gamble, it is still a major concern for some individuals. The reason is because 1.9 percent of student-male athletes and 0.2 percent of female-student athletes have been experiencing clinical signs of having a gambling problem.

Student-athletes are more attracted to sports wagering than those who do not play a sport in college. This makes a lot of sense because of their sports background along with their interest in it. It is important to note that sports wagering can have a huge negative impact on them even if their gambling behavior is not considered to be excessive.

The NCAA does have regulations that prohibit student-athletes from betting money on any sporting event. This doesn’t just go for college games, it goes for professional as well. Breaking any of the gambling regulations can lead to a student-athlete losing their athletic eligibility. These have bad repercussions on the individual and their team.

Even though the NCAA has regulations that prohibit students from betting money on sporting events, there are a few who still participate in it. Twenty six percent of male students have still participated in some form of sports betting. Eight percent have admitted to participating in sports gambling in a monthly basis.

Right now, many are concerned about the golf culture at colleges. On course wagering is considered to be a normal aspect of golfing at different colleges. Males who play golf for their college are three times more likely to participate in sports wagering than any other form of student athletes.

As of now, most student-athletes participate in sports wagering among their friends and teammates. However, now some do like to place bets online. Also there are some who like to use bookmakers that they can have easy access to through their smartphone. The technology today has made it easier for outside gamblers to receive inside information about different bets. Social media has been used as one of the main ways to receive the information. According to a study that took place in 2012, about 1 in 20 male-basketball student athletes have been contacted for inside information.

Gambling problems among college students usually go undetected among college students unlike drug abuse, alcohol addiction, and tobacco consumption. In order to help students with a gambling problem requires early assessment, a mental health care system, and education on the problem.

It has become harder to determine whether or not a college student has a gambling problem because now more of it is done online. It is important college students that are athletes to understand that gambling addictions have similarities to other addictions that exist. A lot of student-athletes are aware when a teammate of theirs gambles a lot. Some even say that coaches have a strong tolerance on gambling. There are even some coaches who empowers people on their team to always intervene if they notice a teammate of theirs has a gambling problem.

Many fear that gambling a lot is starting to become something that is seen normal because of the way it has been expanding in recent years. Some even argue that gambling is being shown on tv too much and is starting to have a negative impact on the youth. Also, many people are concerned that if the gambling rate within college athletes increase, it can have a very negative impact on sports at colleges. The sounds, graphics, along with other aspects is what makes gambling attracting to a lot of people. Now since it is easier to have access to it, college athletes are able to spend a lot of time gambling.

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