Below we list safe, reputable and legal betting sites for 2018. In 2017, the Australian government outlawed casino sites that haven’t obtained local licenses. Despite casino operators aiming to obtain local authorization, the process has been slow and therefore mainstream betting platforms are the only legally authorized forms of gambling offering real money options in 2018.

The Use of Social Media In Gambling

Social media has been making a major impact on businesses. The casino business is one of them. Many gambling operators like to use social media to promote their band and to communicate with their customers. Also casino operators like to use social media to make the public aware of any recent updates.



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Social media has changed the way businesses operate. A lot of this is due to the fact that social media sites like Twitter and Facebook allows their users to be able to communicate with one another across the globe. Twitter has an average amount of 300 million users a month. . Facebook has 1.65 billion amount of users total. Let’s not forget snapchat and Instagram. Instagram and snapchat have both been becoming increasingly popular in recent years. Approximately, Instagram has 300 million users on a monthly basis. Snapchat has an amount of over 100 million users. Both of those social media sites are used for business purposes as well a lot of times. It has become a major new way many people communicate with one another. All businesses around the world have had to try to find ways to adapt to the social media era.


Receiving feedback from social media has become common in the gambling world and in other businesses. On social media, people are constantly posting their opinion about someone or a product on a daily basis. Social media has become a good way for casinos that are land-based and online to receive feedback from their customers. Casinos can find out on what areas they need improvement on.


Game operators like to use social media as well to make improvements. Also, they like to use it to make the public aware about something new they are releasing.


Casinos realize how huge social media is. Social media has been starting to have a huge impact on a lot of individual’s everyday life from all over the world. It has allowed players to be able to communicate with one another. This is huge in the gambling world today. Many players love to play against each other. Social media has made it easier for players to be interactive with one another. It is easier for some players to feel comfortable with trying to find someone to play against in a game.


Most casinos throughout the world have entertainment events. Social media is a useful tool for them to make the public aware about the events they have going on.
Whenever a casino posts some type of information on any social media account, there is a good chance that millions and millions of people would see it. Many people all over the world can find out about a new game through following casinos they like. They can also keep be up to date about different game operators they like.


Social media also has been making it easier for casinos to expand their brand. Casinos along with other types of businesses have been using social media to make gain more recognition. This is one of the main advantages of social media. It is also why many people love to use social media other than using it for network purposes.


Those who follow their favorite casinos on social media are able to learn about different discounts they are offering. Whenever their favorite casino makes a new post, they can be alerted about it. If they decide to receive alerts, they will never miss what their favorite casino has posted.


Both snapchat and Instagram allows gambling lovers to have a visual of different casinos all around the world. Many people like to feel themselves gambling at a casino. When a person posts videos of themselves gambling at a casino on Instagram and snapchat, there’s a possibility that many people from all over the world will see it. Each time a person posts a video of them at a casino, this is promo for the casino the video was taken place at. Video promo can also be good for twitter and facebook, but however Instagram and snapchat focuses more on footage than on words.


When a person tweets about playing a certain gambling game, someone who might follow them might decide to try the game out. Each tweet or facebook post about a specific game is promo as well, even without some sort of a video to go along with it. People can see reviews about a game through looking at different tweets or facebook posts about it.


As you can see social media has become a major advantage for the gambling industry. More than likely social media will continue to change the gambling world. Do not be surprised if social media becomes even more engaged with the gambling world.

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