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SkyCity Entertainment Makes Deal with Australian Government

SkyCity is on a roll. Today it was announced that the successful operator made with the Australian government. The Australian government has given the greenlight for the operator to expand Adelaide casino and the Riverbank Precinct. Based on the information that has been provided by SkyCity, they plan to start their work in the second half of this year.


SkyCity announced in their press release that the early stages of their expansion will include structural pilling, grade leveling, and modifications to the Festival Drive. There will also be adjustments made to loading docks. In addition, there will also be a temporary pedestrian access along with signage. Some of the services that already exist will be relocated. SkyCity and the South Australian government will both be covering the funds for the early stages.


If you think this deal is the end for their new negotiations? Think again. These two parties has to make different legal and regulatory agreements. These agreements have to be made in order to expand the Adelaide gaming property.


SkyCity Interim CEO, John Motersen did comment about the agreement mentioning that it is an important step to make the process go forward. He made a special promise. His promise was that the work would be an “amazing rejuvenation” of the area. The CEO also expressed expectations that it will increase tourism by attracting visitors that are high profile to South Australia.


Back in November of 2015, SkyCity revealed their plans for the major expansion that is worth $300 million. The operating group has plans to turn the property into a world-class destination. In this world-class destination will find different signature restaurants, brand new VIP gaming salons, and a luxurious boutique hotel.


Recently, the South Australian Government also managed to reach an agreement with Walker Corporation. Their deal is for the development of Festival Plaza. It has been confirmed by the company that their projects will include a retail precinct, one office building, and a construction of a car park, all within these next three following years.


It has been said that the Adelaide Casino development will definitely attract visitors from China and South-East Asia. This has been expected to help the economy in a few different ways. The expansion of the development will lead to more jobs being created in South Australia. There have even been some tourist from East Asia who has gambled hundreds of thousands of dollars to some of their casinos in just one visit. It is also expected to bring in more entertainment into the atmosphere.


Local gambling in Adelaide has still been able to generate revenue. However, international results showed that there has been attraction from international visitors. The lack of parking issue will be fixed because of the Walker Corporation. There was an agreement made to lease 750 car spaces for the underground parking that is being built by Mr. Walker’s company.


The plans for the expansion are planned to be very advanced, which should not be a surprise if you are familiar with SkyCity Entertainment. For those who are not familiar, they have a good history of raising the bar for the casino industry in Australia.


As some of you might know, SkyCity Entertainment is one of the biggest operating gaming markets in New Zealand. It is an operator gaming market that has been having a lot of success, especially recent years. A lot of that is because there has been a growth in the gambling industry. More and more people are starting to gamble more. Also, the casino industry is expanding. SkyCity is a large reason as to why the casino industry has been expanding in Australia. The expansion of the Adelaide casino is expected to go beyond people’s expectations. Meaning it is expected to be better than good.


The fact SkyCity Entertainment is a gaming operator that always strives to push boundaries is what makes them very respected.


Interestingly, the Adelaide casino is connected to their historic railway station. Many people are concerned about this. Parts of the railway stations will have to be wrecked in order for the required work to be performed.


Due to the wonderful reputation of SkyCity’s casinos and the location of the hotel that will be built, you can bet that it will have a lot of success at being able to attract people from different parts of the world. The new hotel is expected to have 80 luxury rooms. People traveling to Adelaide would definitely love to stay at this hotel. The people in Adelaide definitely cannot wait for this expansion to be finished.


SkyCity Entertainment’s deal with the government will help out the gambling industry. It will make it more exciting. It is pretty safe to assume that SkyCity will continue to excite their supporters.

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