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Skill Based Slot Games Growing in Popularity

There are a lot of new slots that have already been released this year and is expected to be released in the coming months. Every year there are dozens of new slots being launched, especially skill based ones.



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Right now, skill based slots is the biggest trend going currently. Skill based slots are not new, but however, they have become the new big thing that is taking cover.


Slot machine developers have founded a way to make a shortcut. Arcade games have been turning into slot games. This formula has been doing pretty well. As long as there are 5 spinning reels added to the classic arcade games, the players are good to go. Developing a game in this type of format is easier than making a new game from scratch. This formula will probably change soon as well.


The Space Invaders is a skill based slot. It is a game that is making its way into Las Vegas casinos. This game is developed by Scientific Games. Those who love classic slots will definitely love this game. It has classic slot features along with a fantastic skill based bonus game. The regular mode of this slot is similar to a lot of other slots. However during the bonus game, players have two options. They can either choose a regular bonus game or the skill based bonus. In order to win prizes, money, and free spins, naturally players would have to play the original Space Invaders game.


Frogger Slot is another skill based slot and it is an arcade classic. Since the Frogger has been very popular for a long time, it is surprising that it took so long for it to be developed again. This game features Konami’s Podium Monument cabinet along with a bonus round that is based on the original game.


Texas Tea Painball is a combination of the popular IGT slot. It is a regular slot until the bonus round occurs. For the bonus game, players can choose which way they want to go. They can either try luck or they can try to win money by playing painball.


Quick Hit Jungle Slot is branded. Whenever there is a new Quick Hit slot launched, that is exciting news. This slot offers all of the features that people love, but with a brand new look. Those who want to find out the latest game from the online series can go to the Quick Hit Cash Wheel website.


Breaking Bad Slot is another slot that many people would love. Other slots that are worth mentioning is Orange is the New Black, Mistress of the Dark, and Wheel of Fortune Double Diamond 3D. Those who are fans of these shows would definitely love these games.


Lucky 6 is another fantastic slot. It is a new USA online slot machine. The game is developed by RTG. This game is one of the first USA slots to not have the usual 3 or 5 reel machines.


NetEnt Slots have a lot of new releases planned this year. Guns N’ Roses is one of the new releases from NetEnt Slots. It was launched on January 21st. Drive Slot is another slot released from the company. It launched on February 23rd.

2016 has been shaping up to be a wonderful year for the gambling industry. These games are expected to make the gambling industry grow even more. Each of these games bring in an exciting feel for those who love to play slots. The slot games continue to get better and better each year. Sounds and graphics keep having high quality. This goes for both online and land-based casinos. These games offer something that is for everyone.


Skill based slots are expected to change the casino industry in the future along with social media. The casino industry is trying to become more tech savvy and the game floors more like arcades. They are doing this to try to attract more of the younger people. A lot of the millennials are accustomed to playing a lot of video games. Many predict that slots in the future will be hybrid. Meaning it will be a combination of skill and chance that will determine the outcome. With skill based slots becoming popular now, there is a good chance that this big change in the gambling industry will come soon. Maybe sooner than expected.


These slots can definitely attract a young crowd. One might argue that arcades can possibly be going out of style, but video games are definitely still popular. Popular to the point where it is starting to become a profession in different parts of the world. Making skill based slots become the norm is definitely a way the casino industry can expand even more than it already has today.

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