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Well Known Scandals and Controversies in the Gambling Industry

There are many controversies surrounding gambling. One of the controversies gambling has faced throughout the years it has been existing is fixing different sports events.



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One of the most famous gambling fixing scandals goes back to 1919. This scandal is known as the Black Sox Scandal. The scandal took place during the World Series when the Chicago White Sox lost to the Cincinnati Reds. Eight players on the White Sox were accused of losing games on purpose in order to receive money from gamblers. However, the players were acquitted but were banned for life from baseball.

Shoeless Joe Jackson is the most noteworthy person involved in the scandal. He was known to have the brightest future. At the time he was 31 years old and averaged a .356 batting average. Even to this day, it is the third highest in history. Eddie Cicotte, who was 35 during the time was the best AL pitcher in that season. He was 29-7 in 30 games.


Jackson testified for a grand jury in September of 1920 in Cook County. According to the Chicago Herald and Examiner, when Jackson departed from the grand jury room, a small boy followed after him and said, “Say it ain’t so, Joe. Say it ain’t so.” Jackson then replied to the boy by saying, “Yes kid, I’m afraid it is.” The boy responded back by saying, “Well, I never would’ve thought it.”


The 1951 point-shaving scandal is another famous one. It is known to be the biggest scandal in college basketball history. Thirty five active and former players were under investigation for fixing games. At least 86 games were fixed between the years 1947 and 1951. Of those players, twenty were indicted and convicted. Fourteen gamblers who were involved in the scandal were indicted and convicted. This scandal caused careers and reputations of the players and coaches to be damaged.


Jack Molinas, Sherman White, Ralph Beard, and Alex Groza are some of the biggest names who were involved in the scandal. Molinas made a bet on his own team which was Colombia University. On average, he scored 12 points a game during his NBA career before he was banned from the league for life.



Beard and Groza were first round NBA draft picks and they were Kentucky All Americans. They had already played two seasons in the NBA. The NBA team they were on was called the Indiana Polis Olympians before it was determined that they were involved in the fix at Kentucky in the 1940s. Once it was determined, they were banned from the NBA immediately.


Sherman White is considered to be a Michael Jordan of his day. He was on his way into becoming a NBA superstar. The Knicks drafted him, but he was banned from the league and had to serve nine months in prison.


Paul Hornung and Alex Karras is another famous scandal. Hornung was a running back for the Pakcers and Karras was a defensive tackle for the Lions. However, they had to sit out during the 1963 season. The NFL suspended them for betting on NFL games and for having gamblers as associates. Hornung betted up to $500 on games. Karras placed $50 to $100 at least 6 times.


Hornung did make an apology and stated, “I made a terrible mistake, I am truly sorry.” Karras made an apology in his own way. When he returned to the league in 1964, he refused to call the pregame coin toss. He told the referee, “I’m sorry sir, I’m not permitted to gamble.”


Earlier this year there was some suspicion that there was some fixing this year for the Australian Open. A report leaked about dozens of tennis players possibly rigging matches for cash. One of the biggest tennis stars said he wanted those names to be public. Roger Federer was the star who said this. Also he said, “It’s super serious and it’s super important to maintain the integrity of our sport.”


Investigators who work for the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) prepared contents of the reports that is dated from 2008. It was first reported by BBC and Buzzfeed. BBC and Buzzfeed did not name any of the players who were involved. The report claims that three possible matches were fixed and all took place in Wimbledon. For those who are not aware, that is the most prestigious tournament in tennis.


Another part of the report also claims that 16 players who have been ranked in the top 50 in these past ten years, including those who won Grand Slam double titles have been reported to tennis authorities for participating in suspicious matches, but were never punished by the

In a press conference, ATP President Chris Kermode denied reports of officials covering up suspected improprieties.

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