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Will Robots Be At Casinos In The Future?

Robots are expected to become a major part of society in the future. As a matter of fact there has been many strives made every day in today’s world to make robots become part of the world more. Since it is the case, there is a good chance that robots will be at casinos.

Min- Min is a robot that has a calm demeanor. She has a friendly face and is very slim. This is the first ever robot to whose job is to copy the job of a master casino croupier that is located in Macau and Las Vegas.


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Who Created Min?- Min was created by Hong Kong tech and gaming machine manufacturer called Paradise Entertainment Mint. She and also casino croupier robots were first seen by the public at a gaming show Macau during last year. This year they will be introduced in the United States. In the United States, the wages for casino employees are a lot higher than in South East Asia.


The Function of Min- Currently, the function of Min is limited to dealing cards. However, there are enhancements scheduled on the robot. These enhancements include the robot recognizing facial features of the customers and being able to speak to them in different languages. The enhancements will be made to make the croupier robots more humanized. Responses would not necessarily have to come from the same robot because they will be interconnected through wireless transmissions.

Could This Effect Online Casinos- If this move becomes successful, live online casino dealers that give realistic casino experience for a player at home would definitely be affected. Also, it would change the industry. We are in a time period in which high-tech technology in casinos has become more important than ever. Due to this, robot croupiers at casinos were going to happen sooner or later. This type of technology will allow land-based casinos to receive some of the market share they lost to the digital casino world.


How Will This Have an Impact on Jurisdictions?- Outside of being able to cut down the cost of operational, the robots can be seen as something that will form a solution for the gambling jurisdictions in the United States where real dealers are banned. Resorts World Casino, located in New York, uses electronic table games. They use electronic table games to maneuver around the gambling laws in the state that do not allow human dealers.


Hanson Robotics- Hanson Robotics is a company outside of Paradise Entertainment that seen the potential in these kind of robots. Now they are creating their own product line. In comparison to Paradise Entertainment, Hanson Robot androids do have interactions and are able make facial expressions along with other things.


Paradise Entertainment Scanners- According to reports, Paradise Entertainment is installing scanners for tables that will let them be able to recognize the cards that have already been dealt with. Also, more advanced robots are expected to be released in the future. They will be able to small talk, laugh, and will congratulate players when they win.


Will It Take A while For the Public to Get Use to it?- Each time something new comes along in society, it is seen by strange by many. Also, it can take a while for some to learn. This can very well be the case when it comes to robots being at casinos. By the time this catches on, some of the young generation might already become more use to dealing with robots since they are expected to become a huge part of everyday life. They are expected to be in a lot of stores in the future. Also, they are even expected to be in a lot of people’s homes doing chores. We might not be that long away from robots being a huge part of the world. The world has already been becoming more and more reliant on technology as the days go by. It is not just the casino industry that is expected to have robots heavily incorporated with their field. Technology has been becoming a replacement for humans at a lot of jobs. With the way the world is going, humans have become less needed for a lot of companies.


Technology has been making a lot of changes in the world. Each time a big change comes along in the world, it has an impact on the casino industry along with other ones. Casinos along with other industries have to remain up to date with what is going on in the society they are located in. When technology advances, the casino industry has to be able to adapt to it. Robots can become a normal thing at casinos right before you know it.

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