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Rabbit’s Crown Slot – Review

A lot of casino slots in today’s world have a pretty common issue, which is lack of creativity. A lot of the slots that are on the market today are very similar to each other and in a lot of cases individuality is not seen at all. With this being the case, there are still some that do have some individuality to them. One is Rabbit’s Crown. Rabbit’s Crown was developed by Espresso.



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Since Rabbit’s Crown is a slot game that has some sort of an odd premise, best believe has the ability to grab attention. A question one must ask is there more to the game than just its theme? If you continue to read this, you will find out.


The Design of the Game- The design of the game is very unique. It has both a sophisticated and unique feel to it. When starting up this game, you will notice that the banner has a whole lot of gold, but it is muted. Since it is muted, it is not too harsh on the eyes. Also, you will notice that there is a jet-black backdrop and it makes the game contain a luxury vibe to it.


Classics- The symbols in this slot game are classic and they fit the overall design of the game very well. A bar, a double bar, and triple bar icons lead the way in regards to the symbols. Also, this game features playing card symbols that include the spade, diamond, heart, and club. The theme of the game is pretty much old school. With this being the case, it still blends in classic and a bit of the current pretty well together.


The Controls- The gameplay is very easy to understand. You will see the control panel at the bottom of the reels and on the right of the game screen. In the center there is a large display that shows your total winnings. On the left of that, you will see a display of your total bet, step, and your balance. Located on the right side of win displays, you will see the spin button, the max button, and the step button. When it comes to the control panel, there is all that is pretty much to it.

The Audio and Animation- When it comes to the audio in this game, there is a futuristic club sound to it. The futuristic sound is actually fun. In addition to the sound, the animation effects are very amazing. When a win occurs, the rest of the symbols change into black and the winning symbols stay on the screen. These cool aspects of the game add on to the very nice presentation overall provided. This is what makes Rabbits Crown a stand out from a lot of other slots.


The Glistening- There are many different bonuses to look out for when playing this game. The wild symbol starts things off and it is represented by the crown symbol. This replaces other symbols in order to finish off a winning combination on a payline you might have. Also, this symbol will multiply the card suit symbols by 2x whenever it helps them finish off a winning combination.


The Chips- There is a free spins symbol in this game. That free spins symbol is the casino chip. This is a symbol that will give players a minimum of 2 free spins for just having two symbols on the reels. The position of the symbols do not matter. In order to receive the maximum amount of 30 free spins, you will have to land five of them on the screen.


The Scatter Symbol- The scatter symbol is the slot symbol. This symbol will payout from anywhere on the reels if there is at least two of them. The reward they give out is a bet multiplier that will be used for your initial bet. The maximum reward is a 100x total bet multiplier for landing five scatters.


The Other Bonuses- There are two other bonuses in this game to look out for. One is the Rabbit Bonus which will get a bonus game started if you land this symbols on all of the reels. The other bonus feature gets activated by lighting up all of the Rabbit Crowns that are done by the reels. This is done through landing a certain symbol that matches the designated symbol that is located at the top of the screen. This will also help you receive a bonus multiplier which will be applied to the total bet.


Thoughts About The Game- This is a game that is definitely worth checking out. Espresso did an amazing job at creating this game. Even though it is a touch alternative when it comes to approach, but however it is still fun.

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