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Politicians Known for Liking To Gamble

Gambling is something that is loved by many all around the world. It is loved by many different people in different walks of life young and old. Even some politicians like to gamble a lot. Gambling is definitely something that has a lot of variety for a lot of people which is partially the reason as to why it is a very popular habit.



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Warren G. Harding was a president who liked to gamble. Even when he was president he would gamble twice a week with members of his cabinet. Eventually his cabinet became known as the poker cabinet. According to reports, the games were very competitive. Also according to reports, he would tell players to not worry about the differences in ranks at the table. The differences in ranks has been an issue that has frequently came up in stories about presidents playing poker games.


Harding once lost the White House China in a game of cards. However the game he lost in was considered to be a “cold hand.” Having a cold hand means to gamble to see who can draw the highest card with the winner being able to name the stakes.


Harry Truman was another president who enjoyed to gamble. He was an ardent poker player also a somewhat loose gambler. While being a soldier in WW1, he learned how to play poker. During his presidency he continued to play the game. He even had a chip set designed that had a presidential seal. The Buck Stops Here was a famous saying that was associated with him. He kept the saying as a sign on his desk which was derived from poker. The work buck referred to the buck knife that was been used as a button in the early poker games at times.

He played poker with members of the press while during the days when it was decided to drop atomic bombs on Japan. Playing poker during that time frame was his way of trying to relief stress during facing a decision. He also loved playing games that involved wild cards. While he was competitive, he was known for loving the entertainment aspect the games bring along with what it brings socially.


Franklin D. Roosevelt also loved to gamble. He was known to be dedicated to low stakes stud poker. Playing poker was his way of receiving relief from the pressures of WWII. He would engage in lengthy games. Some reports have even said that he could be heard ruffling cards during his famous Fireside Chats while on radio when the war was occurring.


Every year he hosted games on the final nights of Congressional sessions. During the sessions there would be a rule that stated whoever was ahead at the moment of the sessions adjourned would be declared as the winner.


Former president Dwight Eisenhower was really good at poker. He learned the game during his youth years and studied the odds. After he studied the odds, he used that knowledge to his advantage. Then he continued to play while he was in the military. During the time he was in the military, he won a lot and there he became a five star general while WWII was occurring.


He played regularly with George Patton during the war. One time he had even arranged with other players in a game to lose on purpose to someone he had lost to prior to this game in order to make himself recover his losses.

Rich Nixon is another president who enjoyed gambling a lot. He famously became a successful poker player while being in the navy during WWII. Many people who played against him have said that he was not the only the best player against officers, but also the best they have ever seen.


Even though Nixon claimed to have not played poker much after he got into politics, he did however continue to play with fellow congressmen. One of the congressmen he played with was later Speaker of the House, Tip O’Neill. Tip O’Neill insisted that Nixon was not as good of a player as others suggested. Even though he has stated this, Nixon still became recognized as the best ever poker playing president ever. When his reputation was ruined as a president because of the Watergate scandal and by being the first president ever to resign, he was still considered to be the best ever poker player president.


Presidents and other people who are politicians like to have fun just like normal people do. This article is a very good example of that. Gambling is something that very entertaining for a lot of people. Many politicians like to gamble in order to not become too stressed, especially during hard times.

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