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Playboy Multiplayer Pokies – Sexy Multi Slots Action

The Playboy pokie was nothing special when it was first launched on the Microgaming software, so few eyebrows were raised when they announced that they were turning it into a multiplayer pokie. However, that conversion did something amazing to this game, turning something average into one of the most exciting pokies you can find in any online casino, including the bigger and betters ones, such as Royal Vegas Casino.



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AUD $502

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The only difference between this pokie and the single-player version, aesthetically speaking, is that you will play the game in the same “room” as a handful of other players, and you can see all of their reels as well as your own. This is important, as discussed later, and the multiplier bar you see to the right of the reels is also very important.




You need to be betting at least $1 on this pokie to get the most out of it. If you bet any less, you simply won’t generate much action in the multiplier bar, and your returns will suffer drastically as a result. If this amount is out of the question, you’re probably better off simply giving this pokie a miss, because lower amounts will struggle to generate a profit from this game.


Bonus Rounds


The only bonus round is a free spins round, which is unlocked when either you or one of the other players lands at least three of the magazine symbols. At that point, all players will enter the bonus round and the multiplier bars will be frozen. Whatever number the bar was on when this happened, is the multiplier you will have throughout the free spins round.


There will be a small table that keeps scores of the amounts won (in coins). And remember that whilst all wins are usually relative to your stake, on this pokie the more you bet, the higher your multiplier will be and the more you will win.




Playboy is one of the few multiplayer pokies we have played, but it is also the best. We can’t understand why these games are not more popular as this really was incredibly fun, at least to begin with. After all, it’s easy to enjoy yourself when you’re winning and those wins never look like ending, but when you’re betting as much as you possibly can to get your multiplier up, and then you hit a losing streak, you can lose a small fortune very quickly. By all means give this pokie a chance, but be careful and keep an eye on your stake.

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