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Mr. Diamond Slot – Luxury Themed Slots

Slot players like to play slots to receive the thrills and money. So what is better than playing a game that showcases the wealthy lifestyle you can have if you hit the jackpot?

Mr. Diamond is a video slot designed by Holland Power that has shiny jewels. Tuxedos and evening gowns are mandatory in this game in order to have a chance at the ultimate jackpot. Also, you might have to take a few risks if you want make your chances of winning go up.


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Continue reading this article in order to know how to have a shot at living a wealthy lifestyle.

Getting the Shines and Sparkles- Mr. Diamond is a game that revolves around jewels, luxury, and gold ornaments. The reels are sat in elaborately decorated slot machine and they are covered in gold. Also there are crystal challengers hanging in the background. The windows of the shop are filled to the brim with jewelry that is very expensive.

The tone of the game is put in right away. Right away you will realize that you can be in for some large wins. In the next section, you will find out how to get some big wins.

The Command Bar and Combinations- Mr. Diamond contains a discreet command bar that is located under the reels. The settings of this game are like the ones in a lot of other modern slots. You are given plenty of options in how you want to play this game.

The command buttons in this game will let you choose from 25 paylines. Its lines where show where symbols have to land in order to receive cash prizes. You can make adjustments to your settings. After you make your adjustments, the next step is hoping that you receive the combinations you need in order to win.

After having a win, you can play an optional mini game. In an optional mini game your reward can double or quadruple. To win, you have to click the gamble button and guess the color or the suit of the card that makes an appearance on the screen.

In order to win bigger prizes in this game, you have to bet extra credits. All cash prizes in this game are based on the combinations along with the size of your wager. If you want to speed up the game, you can use the auto play game mode.

The Gains on the Paytable- The paytable in this game is full of precious stones and other original icons. All you have to do is land at least three symbols to get a win. Now lets focus on how much you can win through one-credit bet. The symbols that are the most common are green, yellow, blue, and red jewels along with the wrapped up presents. The symbols can get you wins of anywhere between 5 and 150 credits. However, you can go up to 200 credits through the ring and necklace symbols.


The poodle, the rich lady and man can make you receive up to 2,000 credits. However, you have to land 5 luxury watches on the screen in order to receive the final prize of 2,500 credits. This is definitely not a bad start, but however there is more to be anxious for in this game.


The Surprises in the Game- Landing extra big prizes in this game can be done in different ways. It is important to know that the luxury watches mentioned earlier are the scatters. These scatters can get you a prize even if they are not aligned on the screen properly. This is something can increase your chances of receiving a big win through them.

The wild in the game is the big diamond symbol. This wild can replace all symbols in the base game in order to up your chances of winning. The more diamonds you receive in a combination, the larger the final reward will be. The normal value of a combination can go up to 8 times through that way.

Spelling out the word bonus on the screen through using special letter symbols will get you some free spins. A new set of jewels and additional wilds. Through these free games can also get you some very large rewards as well.

Thoughts About The Game- Mr. Diamond is a very generous slot to play. Through this game, you will get a glimpse of what it is like to be wealthy. Like the saying goes, diamonds are a player’s best friend. When playing this game, make sure that you receive as many of them as possible in order to receive some nice prizes. This is a game that will definitely make you wish that the feeling it gives you was not temporary and could go on forever.

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