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Ways for Casinos to Attract Millennials

Gambling operators in different places like Atlantic City have already been trying to determine ways in which they can attract the millennial generation to the casinos. Operators in the casino industry have become very well aware of the fact that millennials do not have an interest in going to the casinos like the previous generations do. There has been studies done to show ways in which casinos can attract the millennials. Levinson Institute of Gaming, Hospitality and Tourism of Stockton University are the groups that performed the studies. The casinos that were part of their studies were Borgata, Harrah’s Resorts, Tropicana, and Casino Reinvestment Development Authority. Not only did they focus on what millennials like, but they also focused on what the generation does not like.



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Restaurants- Millennials love going to places that serve food. A lot of times when they go to a special place one of the first things they want to know is if there is food available. If there is not any food available then that lessens their chances of wanting to go back to that place. Restaurants are one of the non-gaming activities that a lot of millennials have an interest in.

Bars- Bars are something that a lot of young people enjoy as well. It is a place where them and a family member/friend can hang out at and socialize. A lot of young like to be able to have at least one alcoholic drink. It can relax them more while they are playing the games.


Night Clubs- Many young people like to go to clubs and be on the dancefloor. The millennial generation is more interested in going to a club than in playing slot machines and table games. Going to clubs entertains them more. Also while they are clubbing, they can hit the dancefloor with those they brought along with them.


Videogames- Many young people of today love to play videogames. Videogames have been a major part in a lot of their childhoods. Since a lot of them are very into playing videogames, this has helped led them into playing games that are very technological. In other words, they are not interested in playing the standard casino slot machines and table games. In many cases, they would rather play games that fit today’s time. Since slot machines that are at casinos are not like videogames of today, many young people think they are boring. As of now slot machine operators are developing ways to make the slot machines more like videogames.


What Can Casinos Be Like In the Future?- Expect casinos to be much different than they are now. Meaning, there is a good possibility that the slot machines in the future will require some skill since that is how videogames are. If skilled base slot machines do officially become a thing in the future, this means that the payouts will be done differently.


Casinos in the future will definitely be more appealing to the young generation. It will definitely be fitting for its time, if the operators are able to make skill requirements become part of the machines.


Why Even Find Ways To Attract To The Millennials?- The millennials are the future and the elderly generation of today are getting ready to die out. If the operators do not make slot machines geared to the young generation then there would be a major decrease in the popularity of the machines. Operators in the slot machines definitely do not want this to happen. They want to keep surviving as long as possible. Making the machines more appealing to young people is the only way they would be able to continue to do well in the future. Operators in the industry know that they need young customers, which is why they are desperately trying to find ways attract them to the casinos.


The casino industry has always been able to find ways to make a lot of people come to them. There are so many different factors of a casino that makes them appealing to people. One of the main ways they have been doing this is through making necessary changes to their games in order to keep many attracted to them. Just like with any other industry, the casino industry has to keep making a lot of changes in order to continue to exist. If they do not make changes then they are going to fade away and be forgotten about. Attracting the millennials is a key step into making sure that the industry still rules. As of today, the casino industry is one of the biggest industries in the world. Millennials deeply matter to not only the casino industry but to a lot of other industries as well. The young generation keeps things going.

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