Below we list safe, reputable and legal betting sites for 2018. In 2017, the Australian government outlawed casino sites that haven’t obtained local licenses. Despite casino operators aiming to obtain local authorization, the process has been slow and therefore mainstream betting platforms are the only legally authorized forms of gambling offering real money options in 2018.

Online Keno AU – Best Real Money Keno Sites in 2017

Although the game of keno is entirely virtual in the modern age, this game actually dates back over 3,000 years, when it was played during the Han Dynasty in China. It was basically a lottery, a way of generating funds for the war effort, and one that caught on.

Keno has often sat in the shadows of lotteries and bingo games, but it still remains a global game, and one that you can find in most casinos, both offline and online.


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Where to Play Keno

Before we show you just how much of a chance you have at beating this game, as well as ways that you can overcome the odds, we need to point you in the direction of the best games. Keno is very hit and miss. Some games have unreasonable returns. Others were designed over a decade ago and have not been updated since. Simply put, keno is not one of the most popular games in the casino and it’s also very simple, which means that developers tend to be lazy with it. That does not apply to all of them though, and the oldest developer, Microgaming, are actually the best in this regard.

One of the best Microgaming casinos out there is Royal Vegas Casino, where you can play a game of keno that has the highest returns and the largest number of features. You can play as many as 15 numbers at a time, scooping a lottery-like win if you’re lucky enough. Royal Vegas Casino also has some sizeable bonuses to help you get started and to basically let you play this game for free.

Keno Odds

You might be surprised at the odds for this game. Many players are of the belief that the more numbers they play, the lower their chance of winning becomes. But while that is certainly the case where clean sweeps are concerned, games with higher numbers tend to pay more over the long term.

As an example, here are some rough figures for Royal Vegas Keno, rounded up or down to the nearest digit.

  • 1 75%
  • 2 92%
  • 3 93%
  • 4 7%
  • 5 8%
  • 6 7%
  • 7 1%
  • 8 90%
  • 9 4%
  • 10 5%
  • 11 1%
  • 12 2%
  • 13 9%
  • 14 2%
  • 15 3%

But what does this mean? Well, obviously your odds of getting all of the numbers are greater if you choose 1 than they are if you choose 2, 3 or more. But that’s not what these odds refer to. These are returns and they are based on average plays and bets. To understand them better, simply convert the percentage figure into a monetary amount. That will be your return from every $100 you spend. So, if you play $100 worth of games with single numbers, your average return will be just $75, whereas that will increase to nearly $95 if you play 13 numbers.

The differences between many of these numbers are so slight that you can probably ignore them. If it’s around 1 percent, then it will not cause a noticeable difference. However, you may notice the difference between the odds of 2 numbers and 13 numbers if you play for an extended length of time, and you will certainly notice a difference between 1 and 13.

Keno Tips

All of the following tips will help you to turn that house edge around and pickup some big returns.

  • Stake According to your Bet: If you’re playing fewer numbers and aiming for smaller odds, then increase your stake, but do the opposite when you’re aiming for a long shot. In both cases you should always stick to your budget.
  • Forget Superstition: Don’t focus too much on sticking with the same numbers, playing “lucky” numbers or trying to find numbers that are far apart. It is a random process, and there is no need to concern yourself too much with strategies, as none of these work.
  • Bonus: With all games of chance, you’re fighting against the tide, as the house has an edge on you that you just can’t overcome without a great deal of luck on your side. That’s where bonuses come in and these are available on most sites, including Royal Vegas Casino. As well as a new member bonus that will help you to get started, effectively giving you a free shot at dozens or even hundreds of games of keno, you will also be entered into a loyalty program and will be able to participate in promotions offered by the Fortune Lounge Group, of which Royal Vegas Casino is a member. There is a play through rate for the new member bonus, but if you take it easy and take these tips into account, you will be able to work your way through that rate in no time, and with your profit intact.

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