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What Are The Best IGT Paying Slots?

IGT software is one of the biggest and successful providers within the casino industry, especially in the online slot machine world. This is because it provides players good entertaining games. They provide a large variety of games that have excellent graphics and bonuses that are loved by many. Not only do they have excellent graphics, but they also contain massive jackpots. These factors have made IGT to be known to some of the best paying slots in the industry.



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What Are The Best IGT Paying Slots?- Their best paying slots are Enchanted Unicorn Slot, Texas Tea Slot, Monopoly, Wheel of Fortune, and Cluedo Slot.

Enchanted Unicorn- The Enchanted Unicorn has five reels and 20 paylines. Players are offered different denominations for each payline bet, however they are able to place bets from 1 to 5 credits on each payline. The theme is fairy tale Celtic kingdom inspired.


Aside from the amazing pictures and graphics, there is a huge variety of symbols that are low and high value. A wild and scatter symbol do make appearances in the game. However, that is not it. There is a special Unicorn Chest Bonus that is triggered after a player lands one of the scatters on reels 1 and 5 in a simultaneously manner.


There is a bonus feature that is provided by the game. This bonus feature gives players the opportunity to increase their winnings. The jackpot offered by the game is a huge reason as to why it is a huge favorite by many players in the world.

Texas Tea Slot- The machine is a 5 reel, 9 payline. This slot is considered to be one of the best paying ones. For some people the graphics and icons on this game are average, but however the game still offers an electrifying gaming experience.

It has a wild and scatter symbol. These symbols bring extra prizes and unlock different features. When a player hits at least three scatters on the reels, the Oil Dividend Check Bonus Feature gets unlocked.

The coin denomination provided to players ranges from 0.05 to 5.00. This factor makes the slots appropriate for experienced players and beginners. The maximum payouts possible is at 10,000 credits for each payline.


Monopoly- This game slot has 5 reels and has compulsory 30 paylines. Obviously, the game is related to money. Not only does this game offer great prizes, but it also has amazing bonus games. All of these factors put together is why this slot is a favorite for a lot of players.


There is a Wild and Scatter symbol included. These winning combinations off of these symbols provides massive prizes and they allow players to unlock special options. There is also another bonus this game provides is called Monopoly Board Bonus. Other bonus games like the Property Bonus, the Utility Bonus, and the Chance/Community Chest Bonus are provided to the players.

This game has a regular payout schedule which is the reason as to why this is considered a loose machine.


Wheel of Fortune- The Wheel of Fortune slot has a classic type of look to it. It has five reels and 5 paylines. Another important factor of this slot is that it is a multi-coin. Also, it provides the players with an exclusive chance at spinning the special Bonus Wheel of Fortune. The Bonus Wheel of Fortune grants large prizes.


Cluedo Slot- This slot is a five reel, 15 payline type of video slot machine. It is a game that is considered to give out the best payouts offered by IGT. This factor alone is why it has become one of the most loved slots for different players all around the world. Their bet goes from $0.05 to $5. It gurantees the maximum satisfaction needed for every player.


The plot of this game is very mysterious. It has a dark and stormy night in a mansion that is secluded. In this mansion, the manor’s lord got murdered and many different suspicious individuals are suspected to be involved in it.


The game has a range of symbols including a Wild and a Scatter along with icons that are low-valued.

Another key bonus feature provided on this game is called Who Won It. Once a player lands a total of at least 3 scatters anywhere on any of the activated paylines, the feature gets triggered.


IGT knows how to make their players happy and they know how to make sure their needs are constantly being met at all times. This is a huge reason as to why they are much respected within the casino industry all around the world. Each day and night, they make sure their players remain to be their number one priority. As a software provider, they always set the standard high for slot games.

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