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Ghostbusters Slot Review – Play Slots with Ghost Theme

Ghostbusters is one of the newest slot games released by IGT. Like the title suggests, this game is based on the popular movie franchise and it features the popular characters like the Marshmallow Man, the Ghostbusters team, and the Slimer. The experience this game provides is fantastic and it will make you feel as if you are part of the movie. Its new screen with liquid crystal display is 55 inches large and it plays a huge role in making sure they enjoy the game. Thirty paylines are in this game and 50 credits are required per spin. There are also 3 bonus games and 5 progressive slots in the Ghostbusters Slot.



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The main character in this game is the Slimer icon. He is also the host of the game. Slimer takes you through the different features of the game. He is a representation of the anchor and teases and mocks players when multipliers, antic, and credits. The Marshmallow Man makes an appearance a lot of times throughout the games and it leaves multipliers and wilds that are in the shape of marshmallow chunks. Graphics in this game are in very high quality and so are the sound effects and the music. Each of these components in the game create a special type of experience for the players. There are popular clips from the movie incorporated into the slot and they are shown each time prizes are won.


The Theme of the Game- Winston Zeddmore, Raymond Stantz, Louis Tully, Egon Spengler, and Peter Venkman all make an appearance on the reels when the game is in play. Slimer’s funny antics and the librarian’s scary shieks are also nice treats in the game and it makes the players relate the game to the movie series that have been released. The proton pack in which the ghostbusters are carried in the movie are also seen along with the traps and famous car. All of the symbols in this game are very dynamic. When the free spins are in progress, the symbols change appearances. The best feature in this game are the sound effects. Each there is a spin, the soundrack “Who you gonna call?”will be heard. Some of the popular phrases from each of the characters are also in the movie. Everything in this game flow well together perfectly and it is very spectacular.


The Experience- Ray Parker’s popular theme song that is in the popular series is also featured in this game. The amazing sound system plays the soundtrack and its puts players in a very joyful experience and will make them have memories of the original series. When playing this game, you will be able to hear the voices of Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray along with other members of the Ghostbusters team. They have each had their voices recorded so that way the slot would be as real as the movie. The scary sounds of the haunted house and ghastly slime on the screen are a guarantee to offer an experience that is unique. Betting denominations in this game go from 50 p to all the way up to $30 for each spin. Multipliers, wild icons, wild reels, and cash prizes are offered.


The Bonus Rounds- There are several bonus features offered to help players receive more wins. During the Ballroom Buster bonus round, you will have a proton pack strapped on, very similar to the ones in the film. The pack is designed to blow up the room and fire at elements. You will be given five opportunities to spot the hidden spirits. For each ghost that is captured, you will receive credits. There is a chance that you might find ghosts that have multipliers and will double your prizes.


During the Stay Puft bonus, marshmallows are falling from the sky. When the stick to the screen, they act as if wild multiplier icons. These double winnings when a winning combination is formed. In the paranormal pick round, you choose from different green clouds. This is where you have the opportunity to receive a progressive jackpot. All you have to do is follow Slimer and pick one option from a group of five. Regardless of which one is picked, you can have the opportunity to receiving paranormal progressives. If the maximum bet is placed, a prize is guaranteed. If three Ghostbusters icons are landed on the middle line, you have a chance to enter bonus games and have an opportunity to receive a progressive. During the cash award feature, Slimer performs a funny act before offering out payouts that are 50 to 1,000x your total coin value. In this feature, the multiplier increases winnings by 2x or 5x, but however they do not offer much. However, there are wild features available that will increase the winnings. One to four icons change to wild icons in this feature. If the icons share an edge or corner with the wilds that are original then they change into wilds. The wild reels is one of the most exciting features of this game. This is when one to three reels are slimed before they change into wild reels. Returns in this feature are excellent.

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