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GFL To Commence For Casino Canberra

TCS JohnHuxley is the leading manufacturer for casino table games and live gaming. It is the leading creator for live gaming solutions. The GFL Media is getting ready to commence in Australia for Casino Canberra. The new product was recently shown in Asia.


Recently Casino Canberra was very impressed with how GFL media has been able to control their venue’s entire display content. This has been enabling them to be able to communicate with their players. They have also been enabled to drive business in a way that has not been done before. This has been allowing them to include pay tables, mandatory messages, and min/max displays. Thanks to this, casinos are able to upload graphic and video files. The GFL media provides important information right in front of the players. They can all be easily seen. This is something that can be done while keeping the playing surface free from clutter that is created by different by different additional displays.


Before GFL existed, casinos were forced to use different systems to update their media and control it. However, now thanks to this company, all of the displays can now communicate and collect results from the game that are real time.


Since now they are linked together, casino operators are now able to change, customize, and configure displays from a central point through a user interface that is browser based. This tool saves a lot of times and is a valuable resource. Also, this allows the display changes to be made efficiently and quickly. This eliminates a need for a physical form for each of the screens.


Rebecca Kingswell, TCS JOHNUXLEY Managing Director APAC, stated, “GFL Media takes a previously time-consuming task and makes it fast and easy. Whether operators wish to alter one or hundreds of displays at a time, GFL Media grants full control which makes it ideal for small and large casinos alike. Just a few simple clicks allows casinos to schedule updates and promotions, configure table limits and modify media, it’s now possible to react quickly to changing levels and requirements of player activity,” according to reports.


Casino Canberra is now currently owned by Aquis Entertainment. The installation that the GFL Media is getting ready to commence is their first one. There will be over 30 tables linked together. Those tables include Baccarat and Roulette. It will also have the ability to feature Blackjack and Money Wheel games.


There will be full screen media content displayed. GFL will be able to raise the standards for games in the gambling industry.


Canberra Casino is one of the most popular casinos in Australia. This is something that is huge news for those who love to gamble at the Canberra casino. The GFL will make the games improve more. This will attract more people to their games. Attracting more people should always be a goal for any company that works in the gambling industry.


The Canberra Casino is known to always want to strive for better. Them linking with GFL definitely proves this. The table games at this casino will be able to help keep their players at the table and get the best hold that is possible. Many people will love this because it increases the chances of winning. It will also increase the revenue for each potential table game. If one jackpot is won, the others that are in play do not reset, until they have been won as well. This is a huge win win for both the GFL and Casino Canberra.


Tristan Sjoberg, executive chairman of TCS JOHNUXLEY, has announced that there are plans to make the company expand. Making the company expand will do much more good than harm, if things continue to go right for them. In an interview, he has stated that the global gaming market has a lot of unique segments to it. The various segments each have different fortunes. He strongly believes that Asia will deeply be interested in their table games. In Europe, he expects that their online segment will have a huge impact.


Casino Canberra is a place that has a very exciting atmosphere. This collaboration will make the atmosphere even better and exciting for the guests. People love to play their table games at the casino. GFL has always been striving to make the table games better each and every single year. Also, this will make it easier for the data to be collected from the table games.


This is something that many are looking forward to happening. Especially those who love to play the table games at Casino Canberra. Table games are one of the main attractions at Casino Canberra. In order for Casino Canberra, to continue to survive, their games have to evolve. This was definitely the right decision for them.

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