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How to Play and Win at Craps Online – AU Craps Tips in 2016

Craps is a simple game and one that has been a mainstay in casinos for hundreds of years. It was therefore perfectly placed to join the likes of roulette and blackjack in being turned into an online game, but it wasn’t quite that easy.



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Craps is a dice game and early casino players didn’t trust the simulated roll, while early developers found it difficult to create the software that could do such a thing. That changed over time though, and eventually craps became as popular in online casinos as it was in offline casinos.


Street Hazard


The game of carps is believed to have come from an English game known as Hazard, although it may have also been influenced by a French game and by other games. These all used dice, which have been around for many hundreds of years and have been used to gamble for most of that time.


Hazard, and the variations that it spawned, were played in the 12th century, but the craps that we know today was likely invented a few hundreds year later. It spread throughout Europe during the middle ages, but it wasn’t until it was introduced to the United States that this game really began to take off.


It was popular with the native populations of the south, who passed this game on to early American settlers. In those days, it was played on the streets, but in the 19th century, it spread to gambling venues nationwide, and when the first licensed casinos opened and cities like Las Vegas began to thrive on the gambling dollar, it was games like craps that helped to keep the populace happy and the casino coffees full.


How to Play Craps


Online craps is a different beast to its offline counterpart. In offline craps, you don’t even need to play, and can simply bet while someone else rolls. In this way, it is much like playing a game of roulette, only with the player rolling the dice and not the casino. Online, it’s all you and there are no other players.


To play, you must first place your bets. You are betting on the roll of the dice and there are a number of bets that you can place based on what these two dice will show. It may seem a little complicated at first, but it really is very simple.


Here are some tips to help you get started:


  • Take it Easy: Don’t bet too much to begin with. Take your time and get used to the game first.
  • Practice: If you are struggling to get to grips with this game, then play a few practice games first. You can play these for free, as most online casinos have an option for “fun play”.
  • Bet Responsibly: Don’t throw too much money away on long odds, as that’s a quick and easy way to lose it all. Taper your bets according to the odds, with more money on shorter odds and less money on longer odds.


Of course, if you enjoy playing with others, if you get a kick of out that community aspect, then you can simply play Live Dealer Craps. This is not available on all online casinos, but you can find it on the very best ones, as discussed below.


Where to Play


One of the best online games of crap is available on Royal Vegas Casino, which uses the Microgaming software. The game of craps on Royal Vegas Casino has a low house edge, some solid graphics and smooth gameplay, all of which serve to make this one of the best virtual games of craps you will find. On top of that, Royal Vegas Casino also have a few Live Dealer games for you to play.


Royal Vegas Casino has some big bonuses for you to pickup as well. These begin with a new member bonus that offers you as much as $1,200, paid out over your first three deposits. You can also pickup a handful of free spins, although these can only be used on the pokies and not on craps.


One you get going with Royal Vegas Casino, you will also begin to pickup points in their loyalty program, which rewards you for every dollar that you gamble and allows you to pickup everything from tournament tickets to cash and prizes. That’s not all either, as Royal Vegas Casino is also a member of the Fortune Lounge Group, which is a collective of online casinos and card rooms, offering a loyalty program and a number of bonuses for members of all of these sites. Just be sure to click onto this website as soon as you join Royal Vegas Casino, otherwise you might miss out on some pretty impressive bonuses.

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