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Online Blackjack Tips and Strategy – Learn How to Win at 21

Blackjack is a unique game, and one that differs from everything else in a casino. That’s because it is the only game that gives you a fair chance at beating the house. Of course, the casinos don’t want to create a game that is fair, which is why most blackjack games use more decks and offer low payouts, all in an effort to increase the edge the house has over the player.



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However, with a little basic strategy and some other tips, you can get that edge down to 0, and you can earn a healthy profit playing this simple game.


Basic Blackjack Strategy


Forget about counting cards. You can’t do that online, and in all honesty, you don’t need to. The best blackjack professionals get by on strategy alone. In fact, one professional, Don Johnson, famously won millions of dollars over the course of a few days in Atlantic City. And to this day he swears that he used nothing but Basic Blackjack Strategy.


This strategy is basically a mathematical formula that finds the best solution for every single hand. If you have a 16 in your hand and the dealer is showing a 10, then this strategy says you should hit, even though many would stand. That’s because, more often than not, the dealer will beat a 16, and although you are taking a chance by hitting, it will work in your favour more than it works against you and will generate a return more often than standing would.


This strategy tells you what to do based on your cards and the dealer’s card. It also tells you how to handle splits, doubles and other features. And one essential aspect of this strategy that many miss, is that you should never take insurance.


This strategy basically takes away the house edge and puts you on an even keel with them. You will need a little luck in order to profit, but by using this strategy you are ensuring that unless you have a horrible run of luck, then you should be able to break even at the least.


Blackjack Tips


These tips will help you to get an edge on the casino and to leave every session with a profit in your pocket.


  • Collect Bonuses: Besides comfort and convenience, the main benefit that online blackjack has over the offline version is that online bonuses are common, but in the world of land-based casinos, you only get them if you are a high-roller, which rules out the vast majority of players. The game of blackjack is all about fine margins, because as mentioned above, with Basic Blackjack Strategy you’re taking away the house edge and relying on a little bit of luck to give you the edge. Bonuses can help you further, with new member bonuses giving you a foot-up, and with loyalty bonuses giving you a steady supply of bonus cash. Loyalty bonuses are actually very rare online, but they do exist, as we’ll discover shortly.
  • Practice: Practices makes perfect, as they say, and this applies as much to blackjack as it does to anything else. Rather than going in all guns blazing, you should take it easy. To begin with, play for free. Most online casinos will allow you to do this. When you are ready, start playing for small amounts of money, and then gradually work your way up. Only when you can consistently win, should you look to play for a decent stake.
  • Mind Over Matter: A lot of this game is mental, because your only real purpose is to sit there, remember the rules of basic strategy and then stick to them. But when you add elements of frustration and even boredom, both of which can throw you off-course, then it begins to get tricky. If you sense yourself getting angry and making bad decisions, then take a break, calm down and return when you are ready.


Where to Play


So, where can you find low-house edge games of blackjack, and where can you join loyalty programs and pickup welcome bonuses? Royal Vegas Casino ticks all of these boxes, with a matched deposit bonus of $1,200 that helps to get you started, as well as one of the most generous loyalty programs around.


What’s more, Royal Vegas Casino uses Microgaming, which is home to Double Exposure Blackjack, one of the best games of blackjack in the world. Not only is this variant fun, offering a unique take on the classic rules, but Double Exposure Blackjack also has the lowest house edge of any blackjack game. You will struggle to find anything better, both online and offline, and that, combined with the bonuses and everything else, makes Royal Vegas Casino the ideal destination for online blackjack fans.

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