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Understanding How To Play Big Six Wheel and its Payout Odds

Big Six is the original Wheel of Fortune. It is a pretty simple game to understand and it is very fun. However, it is almost impossible for anyone to win playing this game. There are other games that have better odds at the casino, but some people at times just cannot resist putting in a dollar for the high payout numbers just to try and see what happens.



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The Big Six Wheel Rules- This game has a spinning wheel that is mounted vertically on a spindle. Similar to a bicycle rim. The wheel on this game is divided into small sections for denominations that are monetary ($1, $2, $5, $10, $20). It also has a joker and another wild card spot which is usually the name of the casino. Players of this game have to place a wager on the table that has the denomination they desire. After the wager is placed, the croupier spins the wheel. In order for a player to win at this game, the wheel has to stop on their number. If it does not end up on their number, they lose.


Payouts for the Big Six- Here are the payouts for this game.

Bet | Payout $1 – 1:1
$2 – 2:1
$5 – 5:1
$10 – 10:1
$20 – 20:1
Joker – 40:1
Casino – 40:1


Players who decide to play this game must understand that the odds are not much in their favor. Here is the breakdown of the 54 numbers on the wheel…

Bet | Number of Spaces for that number
$1 – 24
$2 – 15
$5 – 7
$10 – 4
$20 – 2
Joker – 1
Casino – 1

The true odds for the Big Six are (House Advantage)

$1 – 2:1
$2 – 3.5:1
$5 – 7.5:1
$10 – 13:1
$20 – 26:1
Joker – 54:1
Casino – 54:1


What Happens if a Player Does Win?- If a player does have a hit on those numbers, the casino is already taking a large amount of the money from the winnings because of how the payouts are structured on this game. The house advantage for this game ranges from 11% for $1 – 24% for the Joker and Casino bets.


Useful Tips for This Game- If a player is in a tough financial spot, this is definitely not the right game for them. This game can be pretty costly to play. Another useful tip for this game is to make sure a money limit is set. A money limit should be developed prior to playing the game is because this will help to make sure not too much money is spent. This will help to make sure the player does not leave the casino with nothing in their wallet.


Expecting to lose is another very helpful tip. If a player expects to lose then he or she will not be disappointed if she does. Having fun while playing the game is another very tip for players to follow through with. The most important aspect for each individual player who is playing this game is having fun while doing so.



Many people love to play this game a lot at casinos at different places in the world. Who knows, if you do play, you might be the lucky person to actually win. It is important for all players who decide to play this game is that it is only made for pure entertainment and joy. The waiting suspense to see if it will land on your number also helps to make the game fun.


It is a pretty simple game to understand and it is a game that is not time consuming. There are a lot of gamblers who do not like to play games that are time consuming. If you are a gambler who is worries about that when deciding to pick a game, then you have nothing to worry about in regards to that. It has the ability to provide players with an exciting gaming session. Even though it is a game in which the odds are not in the player’s favor, it can still provide them with a memorable experience. Providing players with a memorable experience is what matters the most. Hence why a lot of people like to play this game while they are at a casino. Those who are fans of game tv shows like the Wheel of Fortune would definitely love this game as well. This is a game that has a special place in many people’s heart all around the world.

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