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Technology is Making Gambling More Addictive

Technology has made the slot machine industry advance so much since its existence. Through the advancements in technology, the slot machines have been able to become more fun. Making the slot machines more fun have been facing a major consequence. That consequence is the addiction to it that many suffer from.



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Motivation To Play Casino Games- The money being offered from the games is the initial motivation for those who are addicted, especially if they have won a few times. However, after a few times money becomes unimportant in a quickly manner. Those who are addicted to the games are playing to have access to a certain state of mind rather than a reward. Even after they win money, they give money right back to the machine.


When Gambling Addicts Get into a Zone- Money is the last thing addicts are thinking about when they get into a zone during their gaming session. Once they reach that zone, they are not playing for the value of money. They are playing for the value of the zone. Money is just used a currency to reach that point. Psychology plays a huge role in why so many are addicted to gambling.


How Gambling Revenue Plays a Role- The gambling industry has made money off of finding ways into attracting people into going to the casinos. When doing this, they are hoping that they will be able to get them to place huge wagers on the roulette tables or play the slot machines. Bookmakers make a lot of money through the betting terminal machines in their shops which have bingo and roulette. They make more money from that form of betting than from sports betting.


Why Do Many Get Hooked off of the Machines?- Many get hooked off of the machines due to their high frequency. The structural characteristics of the machines are what makes the addiction occur, not the machine itself.

Psychologist and director of the International Gaming Research Unit at Nottingham Trent University, Mark Griffiths, stated, “It’s about being able to engage in gambling repeatedly. I could create you the safest slot machine in the world where you can only press the button twice a week. In the US, Canada, and India they have a game called Keno, a fast action lottery draw and it’s addictive because it takes place every two or three minutes,” according to different media reports.

How Technology Plays A Role in This- If it was not for technology, slot machines would not be able to exist. Slot machines need technology in order to be able to prevail. As time has went on, slot machines were able to advance a lot because of technology. As the years have gone by, slot machines have been able to make huge improvements in their payouts, graphics, sounds, and appearances thanks to technology advancing.


Even to this day, technology is playing a huge role in keeping the gambling industry alive today and for the future. They are doing this through making the industry be able to advance in not just land-based world, but also in the online world. Many people in different parts of the world like to play casino games through a computer or a mobile device. This also has been playing a huge role in why even more people are addicted to the machines and other casino games. Now many people are able to gamble in their pajamas. Thanks to this, now many people have easy access to casino games. Since it has become easier to have access to the games, more addiction has been taking place.


There are a few different factors as to how technology has played a huge role in how many have been suffering from addiction. As the machines get even better, more sufferings from addictions will occur. Addiction to gambling is similar to addiction to alcohol and other abuse substances. Since, it is easy to have access to alcohol and other abuse substances, addiction to those exists.

Even though it is more so elders that are addicted to gambling than young people, there are still some young people that are addicted to it. Also, in the future the young people growing up today will have more addictions to it. This will be because the technology behind the games will be even better. Slot machine operators want more people to become attracted to their machines. Also, the house at casinos wants to keep receiving a lot of money. With technology improving at such a very past pace and with the rate the gambling industry will be going, the games in the future will be way better than the games today. If the gambling industry continues to exist and strives for improvement, so will the consequences for it.

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