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7 Oceans – Old School Arcade Pokies

Take a dip into the deep blue with 7 Oceans, a Microgaming pokie that uses a layout you will have seen and played many times before. This is old-school gambling at its best, and if you yearn for the days of arcade slot machines and for the early years of online pokies, then 7 Oceans will be right up your street. This game can be found on the biggest and best Microgaming casinos, including the likes of Royal Vegas Casino.



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7 Oceans has a maritime theme, with a colorful ocean and a treasure chest full of gold providing an interesting backdrop to the reels and the payline info. 7 Oceans uses standard, old-school symbols such as 7s and “Bars”, and the biggest symbol is the 7 Oceans logo, which can generate a win of as much as 4,000 coins.




You can play 7 Oceans for as little as $0.25 per spin, a standard minimum stake across Microgaming’s range of retro pokies. This increases to a maximum bet of $15, which again, is an amount that you will find on other games with a similar layout and a similar feel.


Bonus Rounds


One of the areas in which 7 Oceans disappoints, is the bonus features, or rather the lack of them. There are no free spins, instant wins or anything of the sort. This is probably to be expected, but it is still disappointing.




7 Oceans is fun. It’s quick, there is a strong RTP and there are also some big wins available. The fact that there are no major features is a bit of a letdown, but it’s also something that we expected and therefore something that didn’t bother us too much. if you love retro games, give 7 Oceans a go.

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